Webcam traps

By using camera traps, the well-being and survival rate of animals can be observed over time.Camera traps have revolutionized wildlife research and conservation, enabling collection of photographic evidence of rarely seen and often globally endangered species, with little expense, relative ease, and minimal disturbance to wildlife.Camera traps are also helpful in quantifying the number of different species in an area; this is a more effective method than attempting to count by hand every individual organism in a field.It can also be useful in identifying new or rare species that have yet to be well documented.Humidity has a highly negative effect on camera traps and can result in camera malfunction.

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There are examples of some animals actually taking the cameras and snapping pictures of themselves.As far as problems with camera traps, it cannot be overlooked that sometimes the subjects themselves negatively affect the research.One of the most common things is that animals unknowingly topple a camera or splatter it with mud or water ruining the film or lens.Some cameras are even programmed to take multiple pictures after a triggering event.There are non-triggered cameras that either run continuously or take pictures at specific time intervals.

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