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The base notes include elegant cedar and sensual benzoin.The fragrance is available as 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.It is refined but somehow manages to be coquettish too.PV exudes wealth and would shine at any formal affair.(Wearing it kinda makes me feel younger too, which the really sugary sweet frags never did, only ridiculous..) Smells like cozy fancy french bakery. I usually don't like sweet scents but this one is, again, very well balanced, just like anything else from Boucheron. I first tried this in the winter, and found it overpowering. Though the edt has little lasting power it is a soft, creamy, musk and peony scent. Thus after reading so many reviews of the edp I was excited to try a "richer, sweeter, longer lasting" fragrance of honey and praline and orange blossom. But then that beautiful smell gives way to a honey, praline and peony smell. Yet I mentally understand why others like it and consider it elegant - it's just my nose who strongly opposes. I think the unpleasant note is common with Tresor In Love, Poeme, D&G The One, 1881, and Amarige, all containing jasmine. The two smells are completely un-alike, like a broken promise or multiple personalities. That makes me wonder if she likes it-likes it or if she likes it-don't-throw-it-away-likes it.Second try is summer, but with spring temperatures- or rather room temperature. I was even able to wear more than 1 spray to the back of my neck! Its has been on my "want" list for years and I finally got to test it. Unfortunately all that my skin picks up is an unpleasant mix of indolic jasmine and orange blossom rather reminiscent of citrus toilet cleaner. It must be because of the honey and praline because I love every other note in it (peony, orange blossom, pink pepper, rose, orange, and cedar - not that I can smell them all here but I know them from other perfumes). Although it's sweet, it's also very dry and it hurts your nose like super dry air does. Or perhaps I just don't like the interpretation of jasmine in this one. After that, the scent becomes as mature as a withered eggplant and about as attractive. Or perhaps the combination between peony and pralines. Edit: I found that the note I dislike must be indolic jasmine.It smells gorgeous out of the bottle-very strong, very peachy and very very sweet-cloyingly sweet.I thought that, with the dry down, the overwhelming peach scent would vanish a bit and leave some of the other notes open to interpretation but that never happened.

I am a big fan of Boucheron, although not every fragrance from them would I be a fan of..This could be the explanation for my being in favour of this scent, anything else - if it`s there at all - is barely there at all, on me anyway. Could it be that PV was meant for summer, and L`Elixir for winter? So glad I was able to test this before I blind bought the gift set. In the initial notes, I can smell the tangerine, pink pepper, rose, and orange.Anyway, I guess if you can get your hands on it for a few bucks, you`ll end up with `a pleasantly trendy frag` in my opinion. The combination is warm and enveloping, like a scented hug, with the notes well blended but still retaining enough individuality to make them fun. But then it plays Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and completely changes smell.The perfume symbolizes over 150 years of light and gems that have passed through this house. While Paris continues to dream, the sun’s rays slide over the rooftops.A woman who wears Boucheron is conceived as independent, free, self-reliant and confident. The dome of the Invalides becomes a gigantic gold flower.

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