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They held the kiss for as long as possible, then swallowed almost simultaneously. Well I just gave you a blow job seventy-five metres beneath the bottom of the English Channel! Cathy remained snuggled against her lover until the Eurostar train pulled into a bustling Gare du Norde station, shortly before the evening rush hour.

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She wriggled her bum in appreciation, sucking all the while.

She refrained from swallowing, instead holding it - savouring its special taste - in her mouth. You've got to be the world's sexiest cock-sucker, sweetie.""And that must be one of the world's biggest loads of cum you've just delivered! ""'Cause I haven't had a 'Cathy wank' for three days, that's how! As the train emerged into the daylinght, Cathy clutched Nick's hand.

She slipped her lips away from Nick's cock and turned her head to look up at him. He bent forward and kissed her open-mouthed so that his own semen was passed to him by his lover. "Do you realise, you've just become a member of the Seventy-five Metre Club? ""Well you know the Mile High Club - when passengers get to fuck air stewardesses?

They located their window seats at the far end of carriage A, and Nick was relieved to find that it was half-empty, with the nearest travellers three rows away from them. Then the conductor should be along to check our tickets, then just before the train enters the tunnel, they close the fire doors between the carriages.

"Just then, the boarding announcement came over the tannoy and they walked up the inclined escalator, pulling their cases. "Ever the cautious half of the partnership, Nick reflected for a few moments."Right, here's what we do. there's usually a bit of 'musical chairs' with people moving to unoccupied seats.

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