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Corey takes it upon the band to save the bubbles, but how will make the flat town bubbly again?

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Until they got fused up by Trina's evil plan is to fuse her hand with Nick Mallory's hand so they can be together forever and Grojband and the Newmans get fused into 4 individual hideous freaks!!!Grojband follows an indie rock band formed by Corey and his three best friends, Laney and twin brothers Kin and Kon, as they work to propel their garage band to international stardom.When they don't have the lyrics, Corey and his friends get Trina, Corey's sister, into an emotional mode to write entries in her diary that Corey can use for lyrical inspiration, so that Corey and his friends can perform a perfect song.Even Mayor Mellow gets into the swing, and orders the town to chill out, but their lowered guard leaves the town open to a pirate invasion.Song: "Nothing"Nothing bumps up a band's popularity like a mysterious disappearance!

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