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Reverse side contains a picture of 1924 team and a schedule of games for 19192 plastic sleeves for pictures of WHS library 1 small display folder of photos 1 envelope of book plans - library revised plan, memo from Dr.

Petix 1 large display folder with the original architecture planvideotape that shows views of a coach, sportscaster and players on the use of videotapes for improvement of athletic skills.

It also contains the problems within the club as well as teachers’ and students’ views on Asian students at WHS. Interviews with guidance counselors and supervisors on Asians in WHS.

Topics include their reputation, social issues, and their main driving forces.

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The topics include Asians in Westfield High School, including their reputation, social issues, and their main driving forces 3 Audio Cassettes Interviews with Mr.

Gange and Noel Taylor Interviews on notecards with Dr.

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One folder of WHS Band Programs from concerts in the years 1935-1979.

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