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When Donald Trump arrived in Saudi Arabia on his first trip abroad as US President in May, officials in Riyadh made a spectacular effort to promote the idea of unity in the Muslim world, inviting more than 100 leaders of Muslim nations to attend the Arab Islamic American Summit with the new President.

Critics pointed out that the Saudi-led coalition contributing to the misery in Yemen put paid to that idea.

Their targets included foreign civilians— Westerners affiliated with its oil-based economy—as well as Saudi Arabian civilians and security forces.

Anti-Western attacks have occurred in Saudi Arabia dating back to 1995.

While some accommodation in nearby towns has been provided, it has been criticised as not nearly enough to cope with the expected demand.

“People are so afraid that sometimes the bodies have been left in the streets for days,” a US-based activist originally from the area said.

Ambulances and sanitation vehicles have had difficulty accessing the district after being held up at checkpoints, contributing to the unlivable conditions, several reports say.

"Security forces faced, and still face, resistance from these elements, while many security personnel, citizens and even residents have been killed by the terrorists." Armed men continued to turn themselves in to the authorities, it said, adding that the situation was "completely under control of the security forces".

Terrorism in Saudi Arabia has formerly been attributed to Islamic extremists.

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