Dating site using facebook data analysis

After converting data into insigthful information, we will plot this information using plotly API to give visually attractive results.

Following are the requirements of this instructable: -- Python (Any version will do above 2.7.

Maybe you spend a lot of time in Facebook doing this in your spare time, but to record everything and make it useful to your business is too much work.

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With Pixie Dust, charts are interactive, so you can change chart type, key attributes, groupings, metrics, aggregation, sorting, and more.'pip' is a tool for installing and managing python packages. We just need to input values under 'User Information block' and rest code is just fine. The code will iterate through each of your wall post and keep a track of friends who liked your wallpost.We need 'pip' to install two packages(requests and plotly). It will collect all 'likes' and generate information about which friend has given most number of likes.As you explore different combinations, you’ll uncover hidden insights in the data, find the best way to prove your findings, and share them with others.Data science and cognitive computing are a powerful combination.

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