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“Glaring errors can make you look careless or lazy,” says online dating wingwoman Em Hammel of

If you have a problem with spelling and grammar, that’s fine.

You message her because you’re eager to make a connection, and things are going great.

So great, in fact, that she expresses an interest in meeting up with you.

Some people we polled—especially women—don’t take kindly to initial messages that center on their body. “If the first thing a guy says to me is directed at my boobs, I assume that’s all he’s interested in.

” is highly unlikely to intrigue her, going the other way and composing a very long and detailed message isn’t much better.

Based on my conversations with a professional dating adviser and several female friends who are users of a dating app, it’s clear that a sloppy barrage of messages can undo all the work you put into your profile in almost no time.

Here are some things to bear in mind when you’re playing virtual footsie with a beautiful stranger.

According to Em, “When you dive right in and start a conversation, people are more likely to respond.

If someone messages you first, try to message her back as soon as you can.

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