Can chiropractors dating former patients

If you receive a complaint alleging sexual misconduct or breach of a boundary issue, do: Your first instinct may be to contact the patient to ‘sort things out’, but in most States it is an offence to attempt to persuade the complainant to discontinue the complaint or to take any reprisal action. Although he worked in a metropolitan practice, he was professionally isolated.He commenced a sexual relationship with the mother of a patient which continued intermittently over 3 years.

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In reply, the patient opened up and started to discuss her personal life (which in the GP’s rooms would probably have been fine) and asked about his family and other aspects of his personal life.

He was reprimanded, and had conditions placed on his registration requiring ongoing psychiatric treatment and mentoring Interaction with patients which is not of a sexual nature can still be considered unprofessional.

What about inviting a patient to have a coffee or to go for drinks?

Boundary violations can have devastating consequences. Sexual misconduct can create a lot of public and media attention and this can have severe repercussions for your career, your working relationships and your family.

A medical practitioner’s reputation is often blemished and patients feel a loss of confidence, it may also be a trigger for other complaints from patients and former patients.

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