Boot camp in braintree essex

People in the area during the Bronze and Iron Ages built houses on the lower part of the town, near the River Brain, known as the Brain Valley.This area was later inhabited by the Saxons, who occupied the town after the Romans left.

As early as the 14th Century, Braintree was processing and manufacturing woollen cloth, a trade it was involved with until the late 19th century.

One theory is that Braintree was originally Branoc's tree, Branoc apparently being an ancient name.

Another theory is that the name is derived from that of Rayne, which was actually the more important settlement in Norman times.

Two rivers flow through Braintree in this direction.

Pod's Brook approaches the western side of the town, forming a natural boundary between Braintree and the neighbouring village of Rayne about two miles (3 km) to the west.

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