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His Safety PIN System would alert police that a crime was in progress when a cardholder at an ATM keyed in the reverse of his personal identification numbers.The flip-flopped PIN would serve as a “panic code” that sent a silent alarm to police to notify them that an ATM customer was acting under duress.Add to that difficulty the terror of being in the possession of a violent and armed person, and precious few victims might be able to come up with reversed PINs seamlessly enough to fool their captors into believing that everything was proceeding according to plan.A man with autism has been paid damages by a private hospital and the police after abuse in their care led to him suffering post-traumatic stress disorder.(She died when Clark crashed her SUV while being followed by a civilian who ultimately shot Clark to death afterwards.) Such a bill was placed before the Georgia Senate on 29 December 2005 (SB 379), but nothing came of it.In 2004, the Kansas state senate sent to its Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee SB 333, a bill that stated: “Any automated teller machine operated in this state shall be designed and programmed so that when a consumer enters such consumer’s personal identification number in reverse order, the automated teller machine automatically sends an alarm to the local law enforcement agency having jurisdiction over the automated teller machine location.” That bill died in committee that year.Adam Nasralla, 23, was pinned to the floor and to his bed for 11 hours by nine members of staff at Wast Hills, a private hospital in Birmingham that specialises in the condition.Nasralla was sometimes so heavily medicated that he could hardly speak or stand.

The machine will still give you the monies you requested, but unknown to the robber, etc, the police will be immediately dispatched to help you.All this talk of various bills in three different state legislatures may serve to obscure some of the more important points attaching to this issue, points that are key to making up one’s mind about whether having such a system in place is actually a good idea.No one in the banking industry seems to want the technology.The ATM manufacturer Diebold confirms that, to its knowledge, no ATMs have or have had an emergency-PIN system.Ergo, there aren’t and haven’t ever been “reverse PIN” technologies despite online claims dating to September 2006 that anyone being robbed at an ATM simply had to enter his or her PIN in reverse to summon help.

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