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As Magna Carta is the first document of high legal significance for England, so for Rome the first such document was the Law of the Twelve Tables.In no other country, ancient or modern, can we find any body of legal rules which, framed at an early period in a nation’s growth, has so powerfully influenced its subsequent development, as did the “Lex Duodecim Tabularum”.The positive and pragmatic phrases of Stephen Langton—if it was he who was the chief draftsman of Magna Carta—had now been transmuted by the spirit of Rousseau into wider and vaguer terms.Further influences may be traced in the constitution of the Swiss Confederation and those of other European countries.It seems not too fanciful to say that the prelates and barons of Runnymede, building better than they knew, laid the foundations of that plan of Written or Rigid Constitutions which has now covered the world from Peru to China.The influence of the Law of the Twelve Tables upon the development of legal thought and institutions in later ages need not be followed out here, as it worked chiefly in the field of Roman private law.The nearest parallels are what we call the Law of Moses in the Pentateuch, and the Koran of Mohammed, but the differences are so great that it is hardly worth while to pursue a comparison.

That system is the law of the Roman city which ultimately became the law of the ancient world, and survives in the modern world as the basis of the codes of great nations like France, Italy, and Germany, and, in a more diluted form, of many other states.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.html head meta http equiv content type text charset ISO 8859 1 title Google style body td a p h font family arial sans serif size 20px color 3366cc q 00c script function sf document f focus bgcolor ffffff 000000 link 0000cc vlink 551a8b alink ff0000 onload if images new Image src nav logo2 png topmargin 3 marginheight center div align right nowrap padding bottom 4px width 100 href url sa pref ig pval www de 3Fhl 3Dde usg Z0CJb WM4Hl Sg Uf Avcq REfrp5hx E Diese Seite personalisieren nbsp https com accounts Login continue hl Anmelden img alt height 110 intl logo gif 301 br form action search name defer table border 0 cellspacing cellpadding 4 tr b Web class imghp ie oe tab wi Bilder groups grphp wg news nwshp wn froogle frghp wf options Mehr raquo valign top 25 input hidden value maxlength 2048 55 Suche btn G submit btn I Auf gut Gl??Magna Carta is a series of engagements contracted by the Crown with the magnates of the realm, accepted by them, and authenticated by the King’s Great Seal.So among the Romans one of the definitions of Lex is “communis reipublicae sponsio”. The presiding magistrate interrogates the people in a “Rogatio” whether they wish to be bound by what he proposes.

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