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Ono has come a long way since the agonizing day in high school when he confessed his love to handsome Tachibana.

Now, some 14 years later Ono, a world-class pastry chef and gay playboy has it all.

But when she finally kisses someone -and it isn't pleasant- what will happen?

As a child, Ono Tsubasa saw a Shirato baseball game on TV and was amazed at the Trumpet player in the band playing.When her brother makes it so that she is late for class, she has a strange encounter- the encounter that makes her a housemaid for the rest of the year.Haeun, who hasn't even had her first kiss yet, decides to take revenge.(Source: Manga Helpers)Hakka Sasakura's life is about to turn upside-down.She comes home from a day of admiring the student body president only to discover that a mysterious creature resembling a man in an animal suit has taken up residence at her home!

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    They're the dishwashers, the janitors, or the bad guys!

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    As I grew up, AIM was replaced by texting, but typed-out messages remained my preferred mode of communicating with people I liked and people I dated.