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Letting them go will be easier on you when you see how much money they are losing you by being a bad employee.(Now, this isn’t an excuse to go fire everyone, you have to do some training at times, but the point is valid) So, how often do you gently remind your staff of the goals you’ve set? And look at their progress each week, send them an email/text/phone call/smoke signal/bat signal/twitapic or what-have-you. If you don’t, have your office manager be the bear. Consistently re-evaluate and stay on top of your numbers.) Click here to receive a copy of the spreadsheet as well as a video guide to using it in your practice!What KPI’s are you keeping up with in your practice?

Obviously, we are under-performing compared to what our goal should be.

(I even provided a spreadsheet earlier in the post for you to get started) Now that we know areas where we are deficient, we have to set goals for our staff. Well going back to Step #3 we found that Hygienist #3 can hit 0/day in production with 5.31 patients a day.

If we up /patient that would be an additional 6.20 a day in production or let’s say 5/day in production. Can Hygienist #2 really say “I can’t get to 5.31 patients a day! ” when you can easily show them that Hygienist #3 gets there.

Also interesting is that Hygienist #2 has a higher production by patient by almost a patient.

The only kicker is that she isn’t seeing as many patients.

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